About SäTek Sweden HВ


SäTek Sweden HВ is a young Swedish company that was established for the purpose of manufacturing of new broad-spectrum biologically active products, promoting and making real a new life-style – Long Active Life (LAL). 

LAL allows people to maintain and improve their health, to prolong their youth or even turn back the clock, if they are already advanced in years.

 LALcreates the most favourable conditions for the human body to function; it allows individual organs and control systems to return to peak performance, and it prevents illness.   LAL is a radical help to patients because it eliminates the causes of disease and restores health.


Long Active Life includes a wide complex of measures, a key one being taking the polyfunctional products "Evig Vår" and "Phoenix". The special feature of these products is their healthy influence on almost all functions of the body, in particular the cardiovascular system and neurohumoral regulation.

Welcome to a Long Active Life!