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Any healthy person needs adequate nutrition. Any diets harm health.

        Let’s take protein diet as an example. This diet leads to the weight loss and there is no feel of hunger. Yes, it will be possible to eat a lot of tasty foods but person who is losing weight with this diet pays a high price: he pays with its own health.  
The sense of this diet is in that you exclude carbohydrates and fats from your nutrition and eat mainly protein foods. Those are: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc..
        In order to understand the harm of protein diets it is necessary to remember the physiology of digestion and biochemical processes which accompany it.

So what is the normal nutrition?

         It is a nutrition that covers expenditure of energy of person and has a ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats of 40%, 40% and 20% accordingly. Such ratio is necessary so to ensure that all products that we eat will be completely (disintegrated/split) and will give energy to the body without leaving toxic wastes.

Each nutrient has its own destination:

Proteins is a building material for our cells, catalyst for biochemical processes. barbequeThey transmit genetic information and they are “keepers” of immunity system. Proteins are necessary for assimilation of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fats.
Carbohydrates is a main component of all living cells. They not just give “fast” energy but also are needed for (disintegrated/split) of proteins and fats and their full assimilation. Besides, useful intestine bacteria that help us to digest food appear only if complex carbohydrates are presented.
Fats are catalysts of biochemical processes, component of vital vitamins. For example, vitamin D regulates the exchange of phosphorus and calcium; growth of bones is impossible without it.

What protein diet does for weight losing?

        Protein diet removes important components from the well co-ordinated (harmonious) mechanism of metabolism. Fats don’t burn anymore in the “fire” of carbohydrates, proteins can’t (disintegrated/split) completely. As a result self-poisoning and intoxication with protein happens and ketone bodies are formed.  Pancreas, gallbladder and kidneys suffer most of all. There are many people in the world who lost weight with protein diets and who later had to heal from different chronic diseases for years. They got those health problems using protein diet.
        The same effect is typical for other weight losing diets: vegetable, fruit, buckwheat diets or more exotic chocolate or wine diets. Deficit of nutrients that body doesn’t get increases. For example vegetable diet doesn’t provide animal protein and fat… but  biochemical processes in body are continuing: cells are building, immune system is maintained… But it is body’s own protein is used for that – protein from muscles and cells as well as liposoluble vitamins. The process self-destruction begins. However body isn’t a car and situation not always can be changed with resumption of normal nutrition.

But even if you use balanced nutrition and decided to lose weight by restricting its caloricity that won’t help you

        stminiOur body is wise. During the years of evolution it used to immediately react on any changes of the environment. Your body considers lowering of nutrition caloricity as a coming of hunger. It automatically lowers the level of metabolic processes and start storing energy for future in form of fat.
        Thus low-calorie diets are ineffective, racking and useless because they don’t solve the problem but worsen it. We eat less and our body uses less. Moreover, in conditions of hunger body uses in first turn protein from muscles and not fat. So the ratio fat/muscles moves even more to the side of fat.
        Thus it turns out that we gain weight not so because that we eat a lot but because of slowing down of metabolic processes. In this situation the most wrong step is to start dieting because restriction in food automatically slow down metabolism even more. In its turn slowing down of metabolism causes premature aging inasmuch as slowing down of metabolism is the main sign of physiological aging.

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