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         Heath is a trait unique to each individual, but there are general factors which significantly affect the health of each person. Physical exercises which train all groups of the body's muscles are one  such factor. But the workout can only be useful  if the intensity and specifics of it corresponds to the functional abilities of that person. If the intensity of the workout exceeds the functional abilities of that person then a rapid deterioration of the body begins. The body's metabolism is disturbed and the muscles, heart, brain, etc. are all negatively affected.

       Currently in fitness centers  no estimation or diagnosis is done to determine the optimal intensity of a client's workout.  Measurements such as  clients’ pulse rate provides nothing in this regard. The result is the client ends up moving in an unknown direction using trial and error, even under the supervision of a personal trainer. It then becomes unclear what this training brings more of: benefit or harm. An increase of muscle mass and strength doesn’t necessarily result in improved health and an increased lifespan.  In traditional fitness it is possible to grow a mountain of muscles and have the figure of Superman, but at the same time to lose your health and shorten your lifespan. A good example are athletes who are far from excellent health and whose bodies wear out quite quickly.

        Physical exercises can improve the health of the body only if super-recuperation of  health occurs after some period of rest (this process is also referred to as supercompensation). During this period the speed of the biosynthetic processes increases and this creates the basis for improving the body’s adaptation to physical trainings. Additionally the body develops an increased capacity and endurance during this period. But this phenomenon of supercompensation can only be achieved after physical trainings which correspond to the functional abilities of that particular person. 

       Special diagnostic equipment is used in SäFitness that allows for discovery of the mismatch between physical loads to the body and  the functional state of the client  at a very early stage when abnormalities in body’s work appears. This then allows the person to do trainings in the mode of supercompensation. In such circumstances it is possible to achieve adequate development of muscle fibers, ligaments and joints. Additionally it will allow for a fast increase of muscle bulk, speed and power endurance. Only in this case a person can achieve harmonious development of the body's form and health, which will improve, and good psycho-emotional state will become the norm.

       The control of a person's health condition (including psycho-emotional state) is carried out using our unique diagnostic equipment  by analyzing coded information from  all levels of the body’s control systems.


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SäFitness and is best tailored to the specifics of the client. To assist with proper nutrition it is recommended to include our all-natural biologically active herbal products “EVIG VÅR” and “PHOENIX” into their daily diet. 


With us you will find your own fast and effective way of improving.




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