The information about Evig Vår and Phoenix is not baseless. These conclusions were made during tests of Evig Vår and Phoenix on volunteers during the last 6 years.

Below there are some feedbacks from people of different age, education and professions who have already tried our products.

1. David is 65 years old, lives in the United States. David is healthy and active. His knowledge and excellent analytic skills allow him to successfully provide advice to clients in the agricultural sector of the economy. His job requires both physical stamina and intellectual focus. He tried Phoenix drinking 1 sachet a day for 7 days. What did David feel taking Phoenix? Find this out in this video:

2. Michael. 67 years old. Ukraine. It is hard to believe but 7 years ago Michael was almost disabled, with his nervous and cardiovascular systems in really bad condition. Michael, who is a professor and specialist in physical chemistry, was forced to develop his own way of helping himself which he implemented with the help of Phoenix. You can read how he did that in the pamphlet “The Logic of Health”.

Currently his body works as that of a healthy 46 – 48 years old man. For warming-up Michael can easily cut 1400 cubic meters of logs by himself. Here is the video about this that Michael prepared at our request:

3. Alex. 36 years old. International Development Professional. United States. In this case the man taking the product was in excellent health and because of this there was a big question if he would feel any effect at all (because there is nothing really to improve further). What happened as a result? Take a look at the next video.

4. Valya, 38 years old. Sweden. Valya is a successful lady, financial expert, Master of Engineering Science, and Master of Finance. She is an extremely busy person but manages to do everything in time. She is in the excellent shape and has taken Evig Vår and Phoenix for 5 years already. They help her to cope with hard working days as well as with long distance swimming.

We agreed to meet her in the swimming pool so to ask her about her impression from taking Evig Vår and Phoenix. When we entered the pool she was swimming another mile:

5. Momcilo. 50 years old. Specialist in the area of electronics. Sweden. Momcilo is one of those people who received a new quality of life thanks to Phoenix. It filled his life with energy and optimism as well as helped to revitalize old dreams. Now Momcilo doesn’t come home exhausted and has time and energy for his favorite hobbies. He loves gardening and soon everything around his new house will be flourishing. Here is his story from Sweden: