What is Long Active Life?


      Our bodies are in a permanent state of flux, adjusting and reacting to the environment around us all the time. From dealing with sickness, to emotional stress, a well orchestrated effort by our body's organs and various systems occurs every day to adapt to this and allows us survive and go on with our lives. But any impacts or actions which overwhelm the body, whether it be physical activity, hastens the wearing-out and aging process of our body.

      Additionally the ability to lead your life in a fulfilling manner, both physically and emotionally, depends on how successful your body adjusts and reacts to these stresses. This leads directly into and affects you energy level which follows a typical pattern for most people as they age.

curve of life

Typical energy levels throughout life

      As you can see this curve follows a typical pattern depending on your age. Most people bodies peak in the 20's and 30's in their ability to adapt to stresses and maintain a high energy level. This then gradually slows down over time. The main point of LAL is that you do not have to accept this traditional notion of “slowing down as you age” and can take active steps to lead a longer, more active, and fulfilling life no matter what your age.

      Through regular exercise and eating right you can increase your energy levels at any point in life.

Curves of life

Increase your energy levels with LAL

      Most everyone wants to to achieve this progress and live a longer and active life, but the main question is how? It can challenging to find time to exercise regularly and eat right in today’s fast paced lifestyle and this is where LAL comes in.

      One of the key aspects to achieving optimal health and high energy level is to ensure that the most important system in your body, the cardio-vascular system, is operating at its peak. There is no other single system in your body more important, as every muscle, and organ requires a healthy circulation of blood and the oxygen it carries in order to function properly. If this system is impaired then degradation of the body begins. Your heart, blood vessels, muscles, critical organs, and the brain are all dependent on a healthy circulatory system, and all at risk if this system is not well.

      This is where our patented products Evig Var and Phoenix come into play. These products and their ingredients have unique characteristics and effects on the body. They focus on improving the cardio-vascular system by widening blood vessels to improve circulation and increase flow oxygen throughout your body.
 You can read more on the unique effects of Evig Var and Phoenix here.


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