Evig Vår and Phoenix


From time immemorial, humanity has been searching for the elixir of youth – a miracle cure that allows us to be eternally young. Evig Vår and Phoenix are not fairy-tale elixirs of youth, but they are real products that work real wonders. Evig Vår and Phoenix allow us to turn back the clock, to maintain and improve health. There is no need to wait for months or even years to feel this. A difference can be felt after taking them for just one or two days!

So in what way and how quickly can the effects of Evig Vår and Phoenix be felt, when they are taken by people with different lifestyles, who belonging to different “weight classes”, according to their level of health? Let’s consider as an example one of the main health improving factors – the improvement of the cardiac function and the body’s blood supply. These are particularly affected.

Case No1. Let’s suppose that you lead a healthy life, are in excellent health, and do regularly physical exercise and sports. After 1 - 2 days of taking Evig Vår or Phoenix, even in minimal doses (1 - 2 sachets per day), you will forget about aching muscles after hard physical exercise. You will notice that each day it becomes easier to do normal physical exercises, and the pulse rate will decrease. Your mood will improve and you will be ready to move mountains! But don’t be in too much of a hurry. Your body is just telling you that it has started to work under new and favourable conditions - rejuvenation. Let your body work in such a regime for 1 - 1.5 months, and do not increase physical activity because this can interrupt the natural course of events.

Case No2. You have no time to take care of yourself and your health is far from ideal. You are already on the verge of ill-health, of catching any number of diseases. Arterial pressure is labile. After taking Phoenix for 3-5 days in the average dosage (2-3 sachets per day) it will become easier to walk up the stairs, and shortage of breath will be less of a problem. Day by day your health will improve. You will start to feel a new man. You will experience once again the joy of movement. Increase the effect of Phoenix by including physical exercises in your daily routine; consult a doctor for suitable exercises. Even if you do not augment Phoenix with physical activity and you have no serious pathology, then in 1-1.5 months  you will feel much better.

Case No3. You have a turbulent life, and find it impossible to do without feasts and alcohol. Phoenix or Evig Vår will help here too. Regular consumption of these products, including the time before and during a heavy meal, will reduce the negative consequences of alcohol caused by spasm in the coronary vessels, deterioration of blood supply to the brain, and disorders of the blood coagulation system. We would like to point out that these products can decrease the probability of problems occurring that are connected with alcohol consumption (e.g. heart strokes, cardiac insufficiency, cardiac infarction, cerebral hemorrhag). In this connection, in addition to taking the products you should consider which alcohol it is advisable to drink, how much, and whether you should drink any at all!

The impact of Phoenix and Evig Vår on the human body is not limited just to influencing the cardiovascular system. Phoenix and Evig Vår contain numerous macro- and micro-elements, as well as biologically active substances which impact on almost all vital activity systems of the body. These components:

- improve adaptability to external conditions

- have sedative (soothing) and hypo-azothemic effects (clean an organism by assisting in removing nitrogenated waste)

- improve immunity due to an intensification of interferon generation

- have an anti-oxidative impact (reduce the speed of free radical formation)

- dilate vessels, including the coronary

- normalize regional blood flow in the central nervous system, heart and kidneys

- normalize the function of coagulative and anticoagulative blood systems

- improve the work of the muscular system, and specifically the cardiac muscle

- improve cerebral blood flow and cerebral tissue respiration

- reducing the likelihood of cancers ocurring

- regulate blood sugar level

- normalize blood pressure and decrease in the pulse rate

- normalize function of reproductive system


And this list is far from being exhaustive  .


If that hasn’t exhausted you, let’s continue!


Phoenix and Evig Vår contain selenium in form of selenomethionine, which is the most acceptable for the human body. Numerous diseases are connected with a deficit of selenium. Preparations which contain selenium are recommended in these cases:


  • living in areas of selenodeficiency

  • living in a polluted environment

  • definciency of selenium in the body (the level of selenium in the hair or blood; or the level of glutathione peroxidase in the blood)

  • increasing the likelihood of conceiving a healthy child; pregnancy, breast-feeding and restoration afterwards

  • frequent stress

  • regular consumption of alcohol, or smoking

  • long-term taking synthetic medicines

  • old age

  • congenital developmental defects at birth, especially cardiac murmur, nonclosure of heart septum

  • frequent respiratory diseases; quinsy; adenoids and inflammation of paranasal sinus in children and teenagers

  • abnormal physical and mental development of children and teenagers

  • reduced tolerance to physical and psychical stress, permanent weakness, lassitude, irritation

  • precancerous condition, especially if close relatives have a record of oncological diseases

  • symptoms of atherosclerosis; high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood

  • high blood sugar level; overweight; the presence of compensated chronic diseases

  • enlarged thyroid

  • gallstones and kidney stones, and to prevent their formation and inflammation of the bladder and kidneys

  • seasonal prophylaxis of flu and other acute respiratory diseases; stomach and duodenal ulcers; pollinosis

  • premature aging


Selenomethionine plays a special part in a woman's life.


Why do women need selenium?

Selenium (Se) is a trace element in more than 200 hormones and enzymes, and controls the functioning of all organs and systems. It is a valuable antioxidant. Taking preparations which contain selenomethionine not only slows down the aging process but also postpones it, as stem-cell activity increases. People become more mobile, and more cheerful; headaches and giddiness disappear; sleep, appetite and mood all improve. Menopause and the climacteric period pass much more easily. Condition of skin, hair and nails improves.

Selenomethionine has a positive impact on:

  • rejuvenation of tissues

  • slowing down aging

  • improved immunity

  • maintaining the normal level of hormones

  • delaying menopause – a “prolonged youth”

  • preventing gynaecological problems

  • reducing the likelihood of cancers occurring

  • preventing osteoporosis

  • preventing formation of cellulite

Selenomethionine has a positive impact on these aspects of pregnancy:

  • birth of a healthy child

  • planning a pregnancy, and easy conception

  • pregnancy without toxicosis and complications

  • natural childbirth

  • absence of serious childbirth consequences

  • rapid post-natal recovery

  • immunity to diseases

Why selenomethionine?

The natural form of selenium – selenomethionine – is the most preferred because the body assimilates 95-98% of it (just 10% of the inorganic form is assimilated).

What does contain selenomethionine?

Among known herbs, Astragalus has the greatest ability to accumulate selenomethionine. The amount of selenium in Astragalus reaches 15,000 mg in 1 kg of the herb’s weight, including roots. That is 5000 times more than the amount of selenium in garlic, parsley and dill; 1250 times more than in licorice; 625 times more than in Silybum; and 455 times more than in Schisándra chinénsis.

How does selenomethionine work?

Due to its ability to build into DNA structure, natural selenomethionine restores the structure of tissues, helps the removal of waste products and toxins (which aids weight control and this preserves a slender figure), it improves immunity and strengthens the processes of self-regulation (so illnesses pass without complications, and recovery is very fast).

When it is part of multimodality therapy of serious diseases, it removes the side effects of the drugs and contributes to a fast recovery.

How does it influence a pregnancy?

Selenomethionine is recommended for conception, during gestation, breast-feeding, and subsequent return to normal health. As a rule, a normal level of selenomethionine causes a pregnancy to pass smoothly; it prevents such complications as gestational toxicosis, miscarriage, anemia, and foetal hypoxia (by normalizing the muscle tone of the uterus), so the child will be born healthy. Taking selenomethionine is also recommended to both spouses when preparing for pregnancy.

How much selenomethionine does a woman need?

The daily rate of selenomethionine for an adult woman is about 80-200 micrograms (as recommended by scientists and WHO). With certain diseases, during gestation and lactation the daily rate should be adjusted.

Evig Vår contains up to 70% of Astragalus, which is the most powerful concentrator of selenomethionine in the nature.


Now you understand why we put on the Evig Vår package a photo of a charming lady holding a glass of Evig Vår beverage.


The compositions of Evig Vår and Phoenix have slight differences. Evig Vår contains a few “women's herbs” and it is intended for women. But at the same time these herbs would have a positive impact on excitable and hot-blooded men, especially as the concentration of Origanum and Melissa is small. Phoenix is distinct from Evig Vår in its cardiovascular orientation.


No negative side-effects of Astragalus (and all the other components of Evig Vår and Phoenix herbal mixes) have been discovered. The only exception is the abortive feature of Origanum that is associated with increasing muscle tone of the uterus. However, Origanum comprises just 8% of Evig Vår so its negative impact on pregnancy can be virtually discounted.

Nevertheless, taking into account individual variations, the possibility of allergic reactions cannot be ruled out. In this connection we recommend you start taking a minimal dosage of the herbal mixes. If you believe that allergic reactions are associated with taking the herbal mixtures, then you should stop taking them and consult an allergist.