Proposal on realization of the project «SäFitness» 

«Traditional» fitness and its problems.

     Everyone wants to live a long and happy life. One of the main factors which determines the prospect of such a life is their health. The better ones health, the better ones psycho-emotional state and the more chances to achieve success in life.

     Heath is a trait unique to each individual, but there are general factors which significantly affect the health of each person. Physical exercises which train all groups of the body's muscles are one such factor. But the workout can only be useful if the intensity and specifics of it corresponds to the functional abilities of that person. If the intensity of the workout exceeds the functional abilities of that person then a rapid deterioration of the body begins. The body's metabolism is disturbed and the muscles, heart, brain, etc. are all negatively affected.

     Currently in fitness centers in Washington DC no estimation or diagnostic is done to determine the optimal intensity of a client's workout.  Measurements such as clients’ pulse rate provide nothing in this regard. The result is that the client ends up moving in an unknown direction using trial and error, even under the supervision of a personal trainer. It then becomes unclear what this training brings more of: benefit or harm. An increase of muscle mass and strength doesn’t necessarily result in improved health and an increased lifespan.

     I carried out an experiment and went to the closest fitness center in Washington DC. I had workouts with the most professional (as he was presented to me) trainer. This trainer estimated the level of my physical condition with traditional methods – by pulse rate, weight, etc. I was purposely training with a physical intensity less than the trainer recommended but nevertheless got a catastrophic result when checking my health condition afterward. My health condition was checked with a unique diagnostic equipment that was developed in the former USSR for estimating the health level of astronauts and military special forces.  This diagnostic analyzes the electro cardiogram (ECG) and provides information about the functioning of all of the body’s systems.

 Here is the most general information about the results of diagnostic before the workout:


    From the picture above it can be seen that all body systems were in almost perfect condition. And on the picture below it is indicated that biological age is 5 years less than calendar one.


And here are results after training:


     All health indices fell below the norm. Diagnostics shows serious overloading and functional failures in all body’s systems. Biological age is 3 years more than calendar.


After that even in 1 week all parameters didn’t return to initial numbers.

    In traditional fitness it is possible to grow a mountain of muscles and have the figure of Superman, but at the same time to lose your health and shorten your lifespan. A good example are athletes who are far from excellent health and whose bodies wear out quite quickly.

     For now this topic hasn’t become the subject of discussion on media and among health and fitness circles. This may be related to the relative complexity of the areas of fitness and physiology. As I found out myself, even professional employees of Washington DC fitness centers are not aware about the differences between a client's biological and calendar age, and what it means for their health and fitness goals.

     Nowadays  competition between companies in the fitness industry can be won by those who provide clients with a maximum range of services. Modern fitness centers currently are centers of active rest and entertainment where it is possible to find not only well equipped gyms and arenas for sports and martial arts, but also luxury swimming pools and comfortable areas to relax (see pictures below).  It is possible to find almost every body-care service in such fitness centers including beauty-salons. But the creation of such fitness centers demands significant capital investment.

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Properly equipped fitness center

     There are no such centers in Washington DC. The city's current fitness clubs have practically exhausted their abilities to innovate in order to compete. The attempts to attract new clients are mainly limited to the launching of new sales promotions related to the financial attractiveness of the membership for the club.
     In our view fitness companies have an opportunity for a quick and significant increase of income without a large amount of additional investment. For this it is necessary to take a look at fitness from a non-traditional point of view of physiology.

On a partnership basis we suggest to create a new era in fitness - SäFitness.

     As mentioned previously, physical exercises can improve the health of the body only if super-recuperation of health occurs after some period of rest (this process is also referred to as supercompensation). During this period the speed of the biosynthetic processes increases and this creates the basis for improving the body’s adaptation to physical trainings. Additionally the body develops an increased capacity and endurance during this period. But this phenomenon of supercompensation can only be achieved after physical trainings which correspond to the functional abilities of that particular person.  For more details please

      Special diagnostic equipment is used in SäFitness that allows for discovery of the mismatch between physical loads to the body and  the functional state of the client  at a very early stage when abnormalities in body’s work appears. This then allows the person to do trainings in the mode of supercompensation. In such circumstances it is possible to achieve adequate development of muscle fibers, ligaments and joints. Additionally it will allow for a fast increase of muscle bulk, speed and power endurance. Only in this case can a person achieve a harmonious development of the body's form and health, and a good psycho-emotional state.

     The control of a person's health condition (including psycho-emotional state) is carried out using our unique diagnostic equipment  by analyzing coded information from  all levels of the body’s control systems.

Furthermore the SäFitness concept includes assisting the client with special training of their breathing - controlled breathing.    Training of the breathing process plays important role in health improvement including improvement of the psycho-emotional state.
     SäFitness is a concept to assist with fast improvement of health, body, and spirit with minimal training efforts.

     SäFitness contributes towards prolonging youth. Even if you’ve already felt the burden of age, you can be full of energy and life again.

     SäFitness can contribute towards improved self-confidence, resistance to the stressful situations, and the ability to easily cope with any of life's hardships.

     Adequate nutrition also plays an important role in SäFitness and is best tailored to the specifics of the client. To assist with proper nutrition it is recommended to include our all-natural biologically active herbal products Evig Vår and Phoenix into their daily diet.  These products have a wide-ranging positive effect on body. This is due to the unique ingredients of our products which widen blood vessels and strengthen heartbeats simultaneously, without changing the pulse rate, which results in a more favorable condition for the myocardium.  See more details on 

     We would like to bring attention that taking  Evig Vår and Phoenix before physical trainings increases the admissible range of the workout, reduces the probability of damaging  muscle fibers, ligaments and joints, contributes to the development of muscle bulk, speed and power endurance, and provides better absorption of sports supplements due to an improved metabolism.  See more details on

     If you are an owner or manager of a fitness center, please notice that SäFitness can bring a significant increase of income. This is related to the following factors:
    1. The status of being first-to-market with the new science-based direction in fitness development - SäFitness.
    2. The possibility of launching a powerful advertising campaign offering a new and innovative service in order to attract additional clients. The following aspects will be in the basis of this campaign:
    - focus on not only the clients form, but also their overall health.
    - perfection of clients' form and health with minimal usage of time and through training in the mode of supercompensation;
        - interpretation of diagnostic results within the frameworks of  both western and  eastern medicine;
     - unique diagnostic tailored specifically to measuring the progress of yoga participants within the framework of eastern medicine.
    -   identification of dosha and five elements, with recommendations about nutrition;
    -  selling of multifunctional products "Evig Vår" and "Phoenix to the clients  at prices lower than full retail.
    3. Additional income from providing the SäFitness diagnostic service, consultation and training.
    4. Additional income from providing trainings in the mode of controlled breath.
    5. Additional income due to increase of amount of clients who use personal trainers. The role of trainers in SäFitness is more involved than in traditional fitness.
    6. Additional income from the contracts with well-to-do clients who have their own gyms, swimming pools and who do not visit fitness centers.
    7. Additional income from selling to clients the unique and multifunctional products "Evig Vår" and "Phoenix". Estimated retail price of the products in the USA is $10 per sachet, $120 for a box of 12 sachets. The delivery of the products to fitness centers can be done significant discount, that will then allow the selling of the products at price lower than retail.  

Uniqueness of SäFitness is in that it brings together the interests of the client to be healthy with the interests of the company trying to maximize income.

Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first.
It is profitable to work with us.